The radio frequency

Different techniques for maximum effectiveness.

Diathermy by radiofrequency is a safe method, works in all layers of the skin to revitalize it in a natural way.

Radio frequency are electromagnetic emissions that are transformed into thermal energy.

Two mechanisms of heat production then appear:

  • By Joule effect, due to the electrical resistance of the tissue to the conduction of the current.
  • By absorption of electromagnetic radiation, due to molecular structures. Rotational movement of water molecules that produces a mechanical effect of friction that transforms into heat.

The frequency of emission of the Radio Frequency influences, at higher frequency, (shorter wavelength) with less penetrability. In addition, the effect generated by the passage of electromagnetic radiation in the form of radiofrequency in the superficial tissues of the organism is dependent on its frequency.

Capacitive Radiofrequency Handpiece

The current constantly changes polarity, heat is generated mainly by friction of bipolar molecules. Water is the substance of the organism that has more dipolar molecules, so the current acts on the tissues that contain the highest content of water, mainly muscular and vascular.

Respectable Radio Frequency Gauge

The current enters the body more directly. In this case the temperature increases in tissues with greater electrical resistance, adipose tissue. The resistance of the fat is about ten times higher than that of the dermis tissue. The thermal effect in adipose tissue and cell membranes predominates.

Photo-stimulating handle

The therapies in which we apply LED light are known as Photodynamic Therapies or Photoporation is another technique that helps the care of our skin, the red light is what will act as anti-wrinkle and as skin rejuvenation therapy. Fibroblasts are activated, which are responsible for the formation of Collagen and Elastin

Bipolar Resistance Radiofrequency Manipule

In this case, the treatment electrode has an output electrode and a return electrode embedded in the same head, so that the current is in constant movement from one pole to the other.

Latest generation radiofrequency system.

Made in Spain.

Our Phoenix-500 team is capable of achieving the highest level of demand and a perfect result.

Effects of Phoenix500 radio frequency

Effective | No pain | No anesthesia | No incisions | No convalescence period | Without post-treatment care

The activity generated by that molecular movement in the tissues at the passage of the radiofrequency signal causes an increase in tissue temperature. In response, there is an increase in blood flow. This increase in flow means an increase in oxygen supply (higher oxygen tension in the treated area), and an increase in the carbon dioxide and toxins collection function.

In a tissue, the response to heat is vasodilation, capillary opening, increased infiltration, improved tissue trophism, increased reabsorption of excessive intercellular fluids and increased local circulation. The controlled heat of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue protect the epidermis from thermal damage.

Some of the many benefits of Phoenix 500

A radio frequency equipment with the latest Sapphire technology

This equipment is recommended for facial treatments such as: Anti-aging, Eye Bags, Double Chin, Neck and Neckline.

In body treatments such as: Chest Firming, Firming Arms, Abdominal, Cartouche and Buttocks.